Men have a very limited set of accessories. Unlike women, they don’t carry a fancy purse, wear expensive jewelry, and experiment with shiny wrest bands. Therefore, their style and personality depends majorly on minimal things. 

The pioneers of men’s accessories are watches. Watches add class to a man’s overall look. However, selecting a great watch is not as simple as it seems. Moreover, even in this simple accessory, there are a lot of variations and preferences. Therefore, let us be your styling aiders and tell you about the best wrist watches for men in India. 

List of top 10 men wristwatch to buy in India 

1. Titan Black dial stainless steel Strap watch 

best wrist watches for men in India

With a minimal modern design and a great surface finish, the titan black dial analog watch is a great accessory for corporate people. It not only looks really great but can fit in with any outfit whether it is formal or casual.

Moreover, it has an analog design with the seconds, minutes, and hour’s hand. This watch will surely add a class to your overall look. Moreover, you can get this watch for a reasonable price under Rs 10,000.

Furthermore, the body of this watch is completely made up of stainless steel that makes it extremely durable. Moreover, the rectangular shape of this watch just sets it apart from the rest and makes its presence among the best wrist watches for men. 

Price: Rs. 7,995.

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2. Fossil Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch – FS4835

best wrist watches for men in India

When it comes to fashionable accessories, fossil has always remained the pioneer of the industry. This watch has a movement of three hands quartz and chronograph technology that makes it amazingly useful. Moreover, you also get a gift-able tin to gift your loved ones with this precious watch.

Furthermore, it has a high quality blue colored leather band that feels extremely soft on your wrist. Also, this watch has a great design with a round dial made up of steel and rose gold. Moreover, it is also water-resistant so you need not worry about water splashes on this watch.

Price: Rs. 10,995.

3. Emperio Armani men’s dial watch

best wrist watches for men in India

This one comes straight from the classic collection of Armani. This is a very catchy and attention-grabbing wrist watches for men with a shiny and great looking gunmetal dial color and a circular dial shape. Moreover, the band of this watch is brown and is made up of comfortable and high-quality leather.

Furthermore, it is waterproof for a depth of up to 50 meters and supports a chronograph display type. Since it forms the classic collection of Armani, it supports a quartz type of dial hands movement. Also, the color of the hands are kept slightly variant than the dial color.

Price: Rs. 11,795.

4. Armani Exchange Cayde Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

best watches for men in India

Trendiness and simplicity is on its peak with this amazing watch by Armani. This watch has a great looking black dial in a round shape that looks great on everyone regardless of the wrist size. Moreover, it is suitable for any kind of formal wear from coats to office T-shirts. Armani always produce the best wrist watch for men.

Moreover, it has an attractive band made up of stainless steel and available in black color that suits the overall style of the watch really well. Furthermore, the case of this watch is also made up of stainless steel that makes this watch even more durable. 

This watch supports the quartz type of dial movement and has the retro style analog display. The crown is shaded in pure black color that enhances the overall beauty of the whole watch. Therefore, it is highly suggested to wear this watch during a gathering or an event. 

Price: Rs. 11,995.

5. Casio Enticer Men’s watch 

best wrist watches for men in India

There can be hardly a few people who don’t know about the competency of Casio watches. They are among the best wrist watches for men with attractive looks and durable build quality. They certainly fit the bill for an alpha male personality man. 

This watch has a great looking silver band completely made of stainless steel. This one also supports a watch movement of quartz types that have an analog-style display. Furthermore, this is also water-resistant and supports the usability of up to 50 meters. 

Price: Rs. 4,495.

6. Omax analog watch for men 

best wrist watches for men in India

If you want a really royal and prestigious look then you should definitely consider this wrist watch for men from Omax. This is an extremely attractive white dial analog wrist watch with a round-shaped dial and a covering made up of minerals. 

Furthermore, the band of this watch is made of stainless steel with a golden color to match the overall look of the watch. The display of this watch is analog and the movement is quartz. Hence, it looks like a very royal watch and is an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Price: Rs. 2,340.

7. Timex classic analog watch

best wrist watches for men in India

Relive the retro era with this classic timepiece from one of the most famous watch manufacturer known as Timex. This watch has catchy golden markers on a shiny white dial. This watch may look simple but provides an extremely lavishing look to your overall apparel. 

Moreover, it has an amazing golden bezel finish with a mineral glass protection. Furthermore, its band is entirely made of stainless steel and is golden in color. Also, the clap is highly adjustable that supports all wrist sizes. Furthermore, its water-resistance property makes it perfect for a seaside holiday.

Price: Rs. 1,271.

8. Sonata black dial men’s watch 

best wristwatches for men in India

With minimalistic on its peak, this watch by sonata has a round-shaped dial in black color with interior design. Moreover, it also has a black colored stainless steel band with a thickness of 8.60 mm. Hence, it looks like a jewel on your wrist and gives you an amazing classy look. 

Furthermore, this watch also supports a quartz type movement that means you can hear that legendary tick-tick sound in silence. Also, the display type is analog but lacks the marking for hours and minutes. 

Price: Rs. 1,599.

9. Diesel Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch – DZ4203

With a round shaped dial in shiny and lavishing silver color, this watch is one of the most extravagant looking timepieces from Diesel. Moreover, its glass is made of mineral so you don’t need to worry about breaking it at the first shot. Furthermore, it has a pairing silver band made of stainless steel to give that strenuous lifestyle a back support. It comes with 2 years international warranty.

Price: Rs. 11,495.

10. Fastrack economy black dial men’s watch 

best wristwatches for men in India

With a stunning silver body made up of stainless steel and around shapes dial in black color, this watch is a great instance of quality watches by Fastrack. Moreover, this watch has a lock mechanism that makes it fit for all sizes of wrists.

Furthermore, this is also water-resistant so never hesitate to take this wrist watch for men near the mighty blues. When it come to watches Fastrack is one of the most popular and affordable brands for young youth in India.

Price: Rs. 1,595.

How to choose the best wrist watch

As said above, a wrist watch may sound a straightforward deal, but in reality, it is much diverse than you ever thought. Therefore, if you want to buy the best wrist watch for men then you should surely consider these tips before making a purchase: 

1. Considering the appropriate size 

Your watch needs to be of the right size otherwise it will look really odd on your wrist. However, the method to choose the right size is extremely simple. If you are a giant man with large wrists then you should only wear big faced watches. 

If you wear, small faced watches then it will look feminine. Therefore, avoid them at any cost. On the other hand, you can purchase small dial watches if you are skinny and have a thin wrist. Moreover, just make sure that your watch face is between the diameters of 30-50 mm.

2. Choosing a design 

If you have no prior experience in buying a timepiece then it is suggested to go for a simple and not so stylish kind of design. Such designs can go along with any apparel from formals to casual wear. Therefore, it is ideal in context with a first watch purchase.

Moreover, minimal design is also good if you don’t want to spend your money on multiple watches for a different outfit. Hence, make sure you buy a watch that is both classy and minimal to wear it on any outfit of your choice regardless of the occasion.

3. Plan a budget 

Watches are diverse in terms of pries. They are available at both extremely high prices and surprisingly cheap prices. Moreover, as you already know, a wristwatch is a reflection of your overall personality. Hence, make sure it looks good even if you have to raise your budget a little. 

If you opt for purchasing a timepiece that exceeds the limit of $500 then make sure you look at it as an enhancement for your personal branding. Otherwise, you can feel free to go for any good quality watch that comes at an affordable price. 

4. Decide on a movement type 

Broadly speaking, there are two types of movements available in wrist watches for men – the quartz and the mechanical. If you are confused between the two then just remember that the second-hand moves smoothly in a mechanical hand and the quartz watches have a tick-tick kind of motion.  

Final Words

Whether you buy a single watch or two, a luxurious one or affordable, just make sure it suits your personality. That’s because men watches are more than just a definition of time. They reflect your status, class, personality, and character. 

Therefore, not having one is not a choice. Hence, make sure you reflect the best of you with the above list of top 10 watches. Also, make sure you follow the buyers guide for a hassle-free and perfect purchase. 

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