Shopping has a different meaning for everyone. For you, shopping may be a hobby or a necessity. However, no matter what shopping means to you, it is an activity that gives immense pleasure and comfort. 

However, everything has a dark side, and shopping is no exception. How often have you felt ashamed while shopping due to your silly mistakes? Yes, we are talking about uncomfortable moments while shopping.

We’ve all been through such situations and felt miserable at some points in our lives. Therefore, in this article, let us share our collective and relatable awkward moments that you’ve likely faced while shopping.

Hence, let us begin some shopping madness… 

Those awkward moments that you’ve likely faced while shopping

1. Asking a non-sales person 

shopping awkward moments
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Admit it! We’ve all asked a guy for something in a store who isn’t even working there. This happens majorly because of the dress they are wearing. Especially the target store, where every person in the red shirt looks like a salesperson. Moreover, the level of embarrassment, in this case, is the highest.

The person is like, “dude, I don’t work here!” and you’re nothing except sorry for your silly mistake. Just imagine what if someone asks you for the same. What would be your reaction in case someone misunderstands you as a salesman?

The worst part is when you ask the wrong person the wrong thing. For example, you ask a non-sales person about lingeries. That unknown fellow now knows what are you shopping for and who knows if he judges you for it?

2. Checking price tags and realizing you’re broke 

shopping awkward moments
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Many a time we all visit a store and try hundreds of things. However, when we take a look at the price tags in front of the sales assistant, everything is out of our budget. That moment not only makes you realize that you need a job but also warns you that you’ll leave the store empty-handed.

Moreover, the feeling of leaving the store empty-handed, especially when the employees are judging you, is also an embarrassing moment. Therefore, you kind of feel ashamed about yourself and can do nothing except accepting fate.

Therefore, make sure you either don’t try a lot of things before checking the prices. Otherwise, you will be trapped in the most awkward situation while shopping. The worst thing is, there is no way out of this situation.

3. Placing something you own in your pocket or Bag

awkward moments at shopping

When your hands are full, you may wish to put your belongings, such as your phone, purse, etc. in your pocket or bag. However, you may also think that the security will consider you’ve stolen something. Therefore, your mind will be invaded with the thought of whether you should keep your phone in the pocket or not.

Ultimately, you end up holding your phone in your hands just to show that it’s your phone, and you haven’t stolen anything. This might not bother the people around you, but you will surely feel embarrassed deep inside.

And trust us, this situation also gives you a kind of shameful feeling that you cannot get through. No matter how much occupied your hands are, you’ll anyhow manage to hold your belongings in your hands too. 

4. Arriving at the store and realizing you’ve forgotten your wallet

shopping awkward moments

A store is not a place to get free goods, and you certainly know this fact. Therefore, you must carry your purse with you always no matter what. However, just imagine you, after a long drive, reach the store and realize you’ve forgotten the wallet.

Now, you are inside the store, and various thoughts invade your mind. You cannot turn around and leave right away from the store. Otherwise, people will think that you’re a crazy person and forgot your way home. 

Therefore, to bypass the embarrassment, you pretend to search for your wallet even though you know its not with you. Moreover, you start yelling, “Oh my god! I forgot my wallet!” and make this whole situation a lot more embarrassing. And, the same thing happened when you have the wallet but with no money and credit cards inside ? because this is your old other wallets.

5. Asking for change at the checkout 

awkward moments while shopping
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You’ve done with your shopping, and everything is going great so far. By this point, you haven’t encountered any embarrassing situation and believe that everything will go right from now, and you’ll go home happy.

However, your total bill is an odd figure, and you should get a small change from the biller. But you realize that there’s a long queue behind you. Now, you start wondering if you should wait for your change or not.

You may believe that waiting will make you look like a broke. However, if you go and the biller calls you, then you’ll look irresponsible. All these thoughts happen in just a matter of seconds, and you have minimal time to take action. You can just feel the embarrassment while reading this.

6. When a fellow customer asks you to protect his position in the queue

shopping awkward moments

So, once again, you have completed your shopping, and this time you also have adequate change with you. However, just when you are about to get your products billed, a fellow customer asks you to protect his place while he gets right back.

Now, there are two moments of embarrassment associated with this situation. First, you’ll feel discomfort all the time until the person gets back. Secondly, you get your chance of billing and wonder if the person can get back before your invoice is complete.

On top of that, the situation even worsens when the person has handed over his products to you, and your chance in the queue is about to come. You may not want to pay for someone else’s products when you don’t even know if they’ll get back or not.

7. Trying things on the sample counter 

Trying things on the sample counter - shopping awkward moments

We all love freebies and never want to miss anything that costs us nothing. Therefore, we often get attracted by those sample muffins in a store. We cannot resist us from eating those juicy muffins that too for free.

However, we feel that the people around us will think we are greedy. But we surely cannot resist ourselves and continuously think of ideas to get our hands on those muffins and taste their heavenly flavor for no extra cost.

We come up with a mastermind idea in which we pretend we haven’t seen the sample counter and actively searching for the product in the same place. We wait for the attendant to ask us to taste some samples. But our efforts fail, and no one calls us and makes it an embarrassing moment while shopping. 

8. Your bags tear while getting out of the store 

shopping awkward moments
Image – JStuStudios / Youtube

For the last time, you’ve successfully bypassed all the embarrassing moments and are on your way out to the store. You haven’t encountered any skeptical salesman, an irresponsible fellow shopper, or left your wallet. Therefore, you again believe everything is going perfect.

However, on your way out, your bags break, and all your products are spilled on the floor. Now everyone is staring at you while you are staring at your spilled products. But you know that people are starting you.

Now you are trapped in one of the most shopping awkward moments and cannot help yourself anyhow. Weak, you start picking up your products and realize everyone is judging you for being so much clumsy and irresponsible.

9. When you come across a pamphlet distributor  

awkward moments while shopping

How often have you seen a pamphlet or flyer distributor, and you’re not interested in taking what he’s offering? This happens literally every time, and all you try to do is bypass him in the shadow of another person.

So, you start walking at the side of a person and paying no attention to the distributor. You think he’ll not call you, but suddenly you hear “hey! Can you please take this?” Moreover, when you look at your left, the other person has already taken the pamphlet, and it’s you who’s being called.

Now you take the pamphlet even when you don’t also need it, but you plan to throw it. However, you see that there are a lot of people around you, and you cannot just throw it. Otherwise, people will think about why you even took it if you wanted to throw it.

10. Leaving the shop without buying anything

shopping awkward moments

Last but not least, this experience is the most relatable for all of you. You go inside the shop but don’t like anything at all. Therefore, you plan to leave the store without buying anything. However, shopkeepers or sales assistants don’t seem to be happy with this act.

They pretend that you’ve done a crime and you know this fact. Therefore, you feel embarrassed to leave the store like this and think of purchasing something. Therefore, you buy the thing that you don’t even need. 

Hence, you waste your money, or you need to deal with immense embarrassment by leaving the store as it is.

Bottom Line 

Embarrassing situations happen with all of us. Moreover, it comes anyhow, no matter how hard we try. However, you need not feel ashamed for this because it is said that “to err is a human.” Therefore, keep shopping and experiencing these moments. That’s all we have for today.

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