In a long distance relationship? Stuck for Christmas gift inspiration this year? We’ve got you covered. Check out our 25 best-of-2019 ideas below, and if you want even more inspiration, hop on over to our gifts page. So without further ado, here are our top picks for Christmas presents for your significant other this year…

Email them smiles with a skylight frame

What’s the next best thing to magically beaming yourself over to your SO? Sending photos of your smiling face that show up, like magic. The Skylight is a touch-screen photo frame that you can update by email from anywhere. Get $10 off with code SKY10VIP.

Write them Open When letters

Keep it affordable and make it super-personal this Christmas and give them a gift that will keep on giving for weeks, Open When Letters. Find 30 great ideas to get you started here.

Give them 12 weeks of great long-distance dates

Download our most popular combo-pack of resources to help you build a stronger, closer relationship even while you’re far apart. Includes 401 Great Discussion Questions For Couples In Long Distance Relationships and our 12-week guided long distance dates series, The Long Distance Dating Blueprint. (Get 20% off with code XMAS2019)

Make a photo book

You really can’t go wrong reminding your partner of all the funny, fun, and tender moments you’ve shared. I recommend Shutterfly for ease of use and fun layouts. Choose the 8 x 11 size and one of their fun travel-themed books, and you’re halfway to a great present.

Plan a picnic

Picnics. SO romantic. When you’re in a long distance relationship you obviously can’t go on picnics every weekend, but anticipating your next picnic will make it all the sweeter when it DOES happen. So help out in that anticipation dept with this fabulous red for-two picnic set. It’s got everything you need for a romantic outing, including an insulated holder for a bottle of wine. 

Join them for coffee in the morning

Coffee mugs sometimes get a bad rap as gifts, but I don’t know why. When friends give me mugs I think of them every time I use them! And drinking a delicious warm (usually caffeinated) beverage at the same time just reinforces all the happy feelings. So don’t overlook the power of a simple mug to warm someone’s heart and keep you on their mind. Check out these uber-cute matching Couple Coffee Mugs for LDRs from BoldLoft.

BOLDLOFT Couple Gifts

Warm up their heart AND their body

If you can’t be there to snuggle them, a soft blanket printed with sweet messages such as “I love you” and “I miss you” is the next best thing. This plush option comes in more than a dozen colours–there’s one in there to suit everyone.

Send them 100 messages in a bottle

Gosh, it really sucks being separated from the person you love, doesn’t it? Play up the dramatic romance of it all by gifting them a message (or 100 of them) in a bottle. The easy way to do this is to grab our download kit of 100 long distance love quotes, roll them all up, and put them in a bottle. If you want to get really fancy you can dash a small personal note on the back of each quote.

Go to bed with them

OK, OK, so you can’t do that in person a lot of the time. Sigh. But you CAN buy them something they can WEAR to bed. Then they can drift off to sleep literally wrapped up in your love. I like the tee shirt below. It was made for runners, but what is a long distance relationship if not a marathon? Buy big and it’ll make a great sleep shirt.

Make them even happier

You already know that YOU make them happy, just by being their lives, but here’s a scientifically proven way to make them even happier… help them practice gratitude. Studies show that if you express gratitude, it raises your happiness by 25%. There are lots of ways to do this, but I recommend using this simple book as a tangible prompt. Buy them one, and write something in the front cover about how grateful YOU are that they’re part of your life. 

Touch their heart

Buy then a gift as unique as they are. I’m a big fan of personalized jewelry and keyrings, and I love this range of fingerprint necklaces. You provide your fingerprint and they will digitally engrave it onto an elegant bar-drop necklace. If you’re shopping for someone who won’t wear a necklace, this store does the same thing with keychains. 

Make them dinner… sort of

If your SO isn’t big on cooking, help take some of the work out of it all and get them a meal subscription kit. There are dozens on the market, but start by checking out Blue Apron, Dinnerly, and Home Chef. Or go one step further and check out Freshly. They cook AND deliver, then your SO just has to heat it up. 

Buy them a customized Christmas tree ornament

My husband and I have been collecting ornaments since we got married, one per year. We started the year we met, and our ornament that year was a broze computer with the latitude and longitude of both our locations (PNG and LA) on it to symbolize all those skype dates. I love this ornament and it’s message (we all need to hear that we’re “stronger than we think” on a regular basis) but there are dozens of other options for custom ornaments, too. This postage stamp one is particularly cute for LDR couples. 

Warm them up right down to their toes

There are some pretty wacky personalized socks out there, but this LDR pair are actually a really cute way to tell them that you might be 269000 steps apart, but you’ll always be connected by the heart. 

Remind them how glad you are that your paths crossed

This photo print is a sophisticated way to commemorate when you met and when you will close the gap, or any other two important dates. 

Remind them you love them all year long in 2020

What is simpler and quicker to put together thana a photo book? What will space out the visual love all year long? A custom calendar! Make them a calendar showcasing a few happy snaps (and maybe a couple of screen-shots of you Skype-Dating, cuz let’s keep it real) and they’ll think of you all year long.

Other wacky ideas…

If you’re looking for sometimes a bit more outside the box… the internet is your oyster. Seriously. You can find some SERIOUSLY wacky presents out there if you go looking. You can put your face on a pair of socks, or on a nightlight, or on… underwear. You can make a custom 3D lamp out of a photo. You can find mugs with all sorts of saucy phrases on them to heat them up. You can… (blush)… even clone a willy. Or, you can stay safe and stick with couples tee shirts. As far as those go, this set even manages to be fairly classy. 

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