3 reasons why Bad Boys don’t make good boyfriends

Everyone loves a Bad Boy.

Yet most of them make terrible boyfriends.


#1 . . . He makes you feel alive inside and that’s part of why you’re so wildly attracted to him.

That’s because Bad Boys have this innate understanding of women.

They know exactly what to say that makes you literally fall head over heels for them.

A Bad Boy is the kind of man who’ll tell you things like they broke the mold when they made you.

Or there’s no one else he can trust to share his deepest thoughts with other than you.

#2 . . . The chemistry with a Bad Boy is off the charts but . . .

Bad Boys are fun and the language they speak can create hot explosive chemistry between the two of you.

But, his words are rarely followed up with action.

It’s why he can tell you on Saturday night that he loves you yet Sunday morning, he’s…

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