3 Reasons Why Men Don’t Ask You For a Second Date in The Over 50’s Dating Game

Sometimes you have the best 1st date with a great guy.

You spend hours talking.

He gives you a hug or a kiss when you leave and says he’ll call you.

As you head home, you’re excited because you think he just might be the one.

Then the days start going by and he hasn’t called back to ask you out again.

Why does this happen?  I’m going to explain 3 Reasons for this in today’s blog.

Reason #1 . . . Not letting him pursue you

Recently, I spoke with a client who came to me because she was having the hardest time getting second dates.

After talking a bit, what I found was by the end of a 1st date, she always felt she could tell whether or not he was the one for her.

As she sat with him on the date, she’d fantasize about their life together.

She’d imagine what it would look like when they…

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