3 Simple Mind Shifts that can INSTANTLY turn your over 50’s dating life around

Mind Shift #1. . . Shifting A Self-Defeating Attitude

A while back, I was having a really bad week.

I was feeling pretty crappy about myself. (I’m thinking maybe the stars and the planets were just not lining up for me that month)

Nothing felt right and nothing looked right.

I was looking in the mirror at my arms thinking, “Damn, I’m going to have to start doing the Queen’s Wave.”

You know the one where she holds her arm really close to her side and just waves her hand.

Yep, it keeps you from jiggling, right?

Well, that’s when it hit me that nailing myself with criticism over and over again every single day was keeping me stuck.

That’s because continually criticizing yourself every day (and we all do it with things like if only I was 10 pounds lighter or had fewer crows feet around my…

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