I was reading an article on chiefmartech.com this morning while enjoying my cup of coffee (which I almost spit out) when I read that “The average enterprise uses 1,295 cloud services.” What really caught my attention is that Marketing is at the top of this list, with an average of 120 cloud services used! One hundred twenty?! That escalated quickly. In my day, all you really needed was a website and a good email tool, right? So, this got me counting technologies in my head. You have your marketing automation tools, display and advertising tech, video and content production and hosting…I mean, we’re probably using 120 different technologies on our website alone. I guess 120 marketing technologies wasn’t an exaggeration.

So what does this mean for marketers? Well, with over 7,040 marketing technology options to choose from (I know you’ve seen the graphic), and…

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