4 Tips for Trusting Men Again After Being Hurt in the Over 50’s Dating Game

It hurts when a relationship ends especially when betrayal is involved in some way.

When a man has lied to you and betrayed your trust, picking up the pieces and moving forward can feel daunting.

You may feel shame for not having seen the signs that something was amiss.

Or you may feel angry with yourself for having allowed a man into your life who had the capacity to break your heart.

It’s likely you’ve stopped trusting yourself and trusting men, therefore, making them jump hoops to prove they aren’t going to hurt you.

You begin looking for perfection; which by the way doesn’t exist.

And no man ever feels good enough in your eyes.

What’s happening is fear starts holding you back as you try to keep yourself safe from getting hurt again.

To help you open up to men again, I’d like to share 4…

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