I grew up poor; I inherited a bad money spending habit from my parents. My parents did not have the idea of how to handle their finances in an effective manner, which is the reason why they did not teach how to handle it effectively. In my adulthood, I entered with the same bad habits, which my parents had during my childhood. I am a compulsive spender, like for instance; I was a shopaholic and was addicted to it. I had no willpower and not any sort of control over myself. When I did not have money in the bank, I was still able to find ways to spend money on shopping. I took on an amount of $30,000 in my credit debit before I enter my 20s age. Here in this post, I am going to share some helpful and fun ways, which you can effortlessly use to stop shopping addiction.

How to Fight Shopping Addiction to Get Rich

Completely based on my personal experience and on the conversation, which I had with my colleagues and friends. Here are some fun ways, which you surely can use to stop shopping addiction for good:

1. Cut Your Credit Cards

If you are a person who has a problem with compulsive spending, you certainly need to destroy your credit cards right now. You don’t need to make excuses of any kind. Don’t make lame excuses that you need to keep them in order to make credit score. In case your credit cards provide fuel to your emotional spending, you surely are better without them.

2. Keep Track on Money You Spend

Many shopaholics are not aware of the amount of money they are spending. Like me when I let my emotions take control of my financial life, I didn’t have any idea about the amount of money I was spending buying clothes, shoes, books, etc. However, when I started keeping track of my spending money, I really was able to control my shopping addiction to a great extent.

3. Evade Temptation

The best way to stop shopping addiction is to avoid the situations which tempt you to spend extra amount of money in the first place. If your weakness is buying branded clothes, the best thing to do is stay out of branded clothing stores. Stop at places where you have the chance to spend normally instead of spending a fortune.

4. Remind Yourself of Your Motivational Goals

I struggled a lot in my life, whenever I was tempted to eat something unhealthy, I asked a question to myself that will this be good for my health or not? Well, this same question can be asked when you are about to make a desired purchase. Will your bought new branded clothes bring you closer to your future goals or will they move you further away from it. In case you are not clear about your future goals, try writing a personal mission statement, which you need to achieve in future.

5. Ask for Professional Help to Stop Shopping Addiction

We are not living in a stone age era anymore, as we are making innovations in every field, there certainly is no shame in asking for professional assistance, which can help you stop shopping addiction. You can discuss your shopping addiction issue with a friend or a family member and ask for their support to put an end to this addiction for good and save money to become rich and wealthy. You don’t need to get angry when you go to a professional counselor when he/she gets angry on your misbehavior regarding your shopping addiction.

Final Words

Well, at the end I will conclude this discussion by saying that the good news is you can surely stop shopping addiction by following these simple and fun ways. However, a lot of hard work will be required in order to achieve your goal in stopping shopping addiction for good. You need to keep focused for a long term in order to get positive results.

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