We always care about maintaining great health by having a proper diet, maintaining cholesterol, and staying fit, which is essential. Although these are definitely essential factors that need attention, one also needs to ensure healthy skin. One should never overlook the possibility of skin infections or other skin related issues.

Skin infections can be caused due to internal and external factors. Internally, infections on the skin may occur due to indigestion, hormonal, and due to excess dead cells in the blood. This, in turn, leads to frequent skin breakouts, acne, blackheads, and rashes all over the skin. Externally, skin can get infected due to pollution, dirt, and dust particles that get settled deep into the skin, which subsequently results in pimples, blackheads, rashes, and dullness.

It is, therefore, essential to take good care of the skin by following a good diet and using external skincare products such as a cleansing oil, which can cleanse and moisturize your skin – all at once.

Before we move on to why you need a cleansing oil, let us know what cleansing oils actually are.

What are Cleansing Oils?

Cleansing oils are generally those kinds of oils that get skin rid of all the makeup and cleanse it afterward.

The idea of an oil cleanser originates from the fact that oil dissolves oil, and that is how oil cleansers work. They re-hydrate your skin from dryness and give a natural glow apart from getting all your makeup off. Cleansing oils are all the rage in K-beauty world, and beauty experts recommend using Korean oil cleansers for a squeaky clean, makeup-free skin.

Cleansing oils contain essential oils such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, orange, almond, chamomile, lemon, eucalyptus, rosewood, mint, coconut, and other essential oils which work specifically for different skin issues.

5 Reasons to Use Cleansing Oil in your Skincare Regime

There are various reasons as to why one should incorporate cleansing oils into their beauty regimen. These cleansing oils come in handy, can be carried in your handbags along with a packet of cotton balls, and can be used anywhere and at any time possible.

A few reasons that are sure to make you think of cleansing oils as a necessity:

1. A multipurpose product

As the skin is the most subtle and sensitive part of your body and any external infections first come in contact with the skin, it is more important for one to use cleansing oil. Since it plays the role of both a makeup remover and cleanser, it is much effective as you can apply it effortlessly without stripping off the natural oils of your skin.

2. Saves you time

Cleansing oils are much more compatible with cleansers, face washes, lotions, and moisturizers if you choose to double cleanse. Going for double cleansing would mean that you will have to cleanse your skin with oil first, to remove excess impurities and then wash your face with a regular cleanser like gel or foam facewash. But a cleansing oil would not require double cleansing and would make your skin re-hydrated.

3. Hydrates your skin

Regular use of cleansing oil is sure to make your skin soft and supple. Your skin would feel more hydrated and radiant. A hydrating cleansing oil will definitely make your skin feel refreshed and alive. As it removes those unwanted makeup leftovers that you would never want to stay on your skin, it replenishes your lost glow and makes your skin feel lighter.

4. They contain botanical extracts that are gentle on skin

Plant-based and skin-loving ingredients work wonders on the skin and is a total turnaround from the typically heavy makeup. Some of the healthy ingredients-based cleansing oils you should consider is that of sunflower, jasmine, almond, papaya, pumpkin seed that are full of antioxidant-rich vitamins and essential fatty acids. For example, Papain, which is an active enzyme derived from papaya is one ingredient to go for as its essential quality is to naturally dissolve dead skin cells

 It is thus better to use cleansing oils that consist of botanical extracts since they exfoliate and nourish the dehydrated and tired skin.

5. They work on all skin types

Most of the cleansing oils work on all skin types; however, it is always advised for you to go through the label before you purchase one or better yet check through the user reviews on the internet before you make any buying decision. Usually, Korean cleansing oils are formulated with active ingredients that target specific skin concerns and come with “Works on all skin types” in their labels.

Unlike the popular opinion, cleansing oils do not make the skin oily, i.e., if the oil does not contain any pore-clogging elements. Plant-based cleansing oils are manufactured in a manner that gives you a fine balance between the produced oil and the product’s ingredients, thus giving you a glowing complexion. Be wary of the products and brands that you know nothing about.

How to Use Cleansing Oils?

Now that we know the reasons why one should use cleansing oils for their skin let us know how to properly use one:

  • Just like any other regular makeup remover, one should apply cleansing oil by dabbing it on a cotton ball and gently rubbing it over your skin. As it is used both when you wish to remove the makeup or when you want to re-hydrate your skin, the cleansing oil will have to be applied gently across your face and areas where you have applied makeup.
  • Rub the oil dabbed cotton balls over these areas and allow it to rest over your skin for a few minutes to dissolve into your skin.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water with a facewash cleanser subsequently and use a clean washcloth to gently rub over the washed areas.

For good results and flawless skin, dermatologists advise using a cleansing oil twice a day.

At a time when we are surrounded by varying reviews and opinions from different users, choosing the best cleansing oil can be difficult and, at the same time, cannot be so pocket-friendly. It is always recommended to go for plant-based, natural cleansing oils that have natural ingredients as they are always free from side-effects, gentle on your skin and leave it hydrated.

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