Having a conversation with a girl of your dream through messages is a big achievement. I know you want to talk to her on text all the time or you want she is online she always messages you or reply you but pushing a great conversation can ruin a great conversation. You must know when you should stop texting her, therefore. Here I am going to provide a few situations when you must stop texting her or say her goodbye.

  • Tired

    : You are started texting her and she replies in a normal way as she used to do but in the conversation if she is saying that she is so much tired today or she wanna sleep now but she is not wanna say goodbye to you or may she think that you will feel bad then you just need to take step forward and ask her to stop text or goodbye.

If you do this then the thing will go with you because she will think that you are so much caring and she can also think that you know or…

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