Intro – Every guy wants to have a girlfriend and want a good relationship with her. And if you are one of them and confused regarding how to make a girlfriend, then you shouldn’t worry. We have some solid advices for you and Those tips and suggestions will work wonder for you.

By applying these tips you will be able to impress a girl and make her your girlfriend. So here are the tips

  1. Be Independent – If you want to impress a your crush, you have to be confident and independent. Girls really like an independent guy. Don’t just chase a girl to make her your girlfriend. Girls run away from clingy guys. Try to just befriend with girls. That will give you confidence. You will be able to interact with other girls very well.
  2. Try To Help Others – Every girl likes a guy who helps needy people. And if you do this, it will show her that you are actually a very nice guy who helps…

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