Are you looking for an online consumer forum to raise a complaint? or You are looking for a platform to resolve your complaints? There are some government and non-government organization websites in India which can help your shopping grievance very effectively. You are not alone here, even business to business (B to B) goes through all these grievances.

Online shopping is one of the most popular fun activities nowadays. As online shoppers grow day by day, the online shop also grows tremendously. Competition between eCommerce businesses can be fierce. Discount coupons, giveaway, online quiz, facebook ads, buy one get one free, etc. are their main marketing strategies for gathering online shoppers. Consumers always faced problems when it comes to online shopping because of the lack of transparency in sellers Terms and Conditions. 

I am not going to talk about all the grievances faced by customers but some common issues. Though it depends on person to person and the company terms and conditions, shoppers usually face problems in – returning products, product defects, customer not receiving products, stolen items, received different products, no exchange policy, money not refunded, etc. These problems were not only faced by online shoppers but also offline shoppers.

Top 7 consumer complaint forums in India

I understand the pain and feeling when calling a company for any complaints and being never given attention. You can always approach all these websites mentions below for your purchase problems and grievances, big or small. I can tell you they were very effective and supportive. They support all kinds of consumer grievances – Shopping, Hospital, School, College, Offices, etc.

1. National Consumer Helpline (NCH)

NCH is the most effective government consumer helpline in India. What you have to do is send a message on this number 8130009809 and they will get back to you. You can also register online on their web portal and submit your grievance. NCH also has an amazing mobile app which is very convenient for everyone. NCH supports all consumer grievances in every category like shopping, health, school, business, food, offices, etc.

2. Voxya – Voice of consumer

Voxya is one of India’s trusted platform for resolving consumer complaints. They will resolve your complaints in 4 easy steps. 

  • You have to file your consumer complaint and share it with friends. They will start a social media campaign for maximum impact.
  • They will send your consumer complaint via email on behalf of you and contact company officials to resolve your dispute amicably.
  • They will draft and send a professional legal notice to the company or organization.
  • They will help in approaching the consumer forum and in consumer court.

3. Jago Grahak Jago

This organization is under the leadership of Mr. Banjo Misra. Jago Grahak Jago does not only deal with shop keepers and traders. But also school, hospital, college, and other institutions who take people for granted. 

4. India Consumer Forum

It was once one of the most popular online consumer forums in India. People were active here 24/7 back in the days. You have to register and submit a complaint that will be open for the public to comments. Even nowadays some people were still active in this public consumer forum but because of the advance of social media, it is not people’s first stop anymore.

5. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms for any organization and company. Big eCommerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa, Purplle, etc. were very active here. What you have to do is just post your grievance on twitter and mention and tag the company name. They usually answer and solve problems quicker in this kind of public platform. As they don’t want to be humiliated in front of all their fans, they will put you in their priority. *(I am not talking about blackmailing them).

6. Facebook Page

Every company has a Facebook page for marketing and public interaction purposes. You can contact them through their facebook page. Talk to them and explain your grievance there, it works well for some companies who don’t have live chat support on their website.

7. Google Review

Here, I am not recommending to write bad reviews or anything but why not, write your experience. Some organizations pay serious attention to this google review. 

Things to keep in mind before doing any purchasing and transactions:

  • Read and understand their privacy policy and term and condition.
  • Check if the company is legit.
  • The warranty period and policy.
  • Check the products.
  • Check their insurance policy.
  • Use cash on delivery.


I hope one of these websites will help solve your grievances. From my own experience, twitter and facebook were very effective to compare to email support and calls. Now, it is your time to choose which is the right platform for you. For a simple and small issue, I would suggest contacting each organization’s support team before using any other public forum. Nowadays every company has a very good support team. All the very best!

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