It’s the little things that make a relationship special–things like holding hands, catching the scent of your partner, getting close with a massage, and attending family functions together. Long term, these are super important when it comes to making a relationship succeed. But in a long-distance relationship, these are the sorts of things it’s impossible to do in the short term. However, you are learning other valuable lessons about what it takes to make a relationship succeed—including that the time you DO get to spend together is priceless.

That’s certainly been
true for me. If there’s one thing I have learned from a long-distance relationship, it is
this: Material gifts, while lovely to receive, just aren’t as important as
quality time together. The trouble is, quality time doesn’t happen as often as
we all want it to when we’re in an LDR. And even when we get it, it can be
difficult to choose how to spend those rare and valuable moments together.

Have you ever felt that pressure? Or felt like the time you do get to spend together is “stolen time” that you’ve carved out of your regular routine? Other couples get to do the everyday things together… well, every day. But you only have a few days, or weeks, to spend together at a time. So how do you decide what to do to make the most out of it? What should you do together? Where should you go?

I felt that all the time. But I found that even during our all-too-brief visits, it was the simple acts of love and closeness that turned out to make the most special moments and tender memories to tide us over during those times we were apart. That’s why I created Story No. 9–a series of personalized books, containing beautiful tickets in different art styles, that can be redeemed for simple acts of love and closeness during those times you can spend together.

Thoughtfully giving
your time as a gift is a commitment that shows how much you value someone and care
for them. That’s even more
important when you are longing for each other every day from afar. Earlier this
year, I decided to make the tickets and digital books available online for
free, so that you don’t have to wait a single minute to express your love with
your time! Imagine your loved one, so far away, receiving a beautifully
illustrated book full of fun, meaningful, personal activities – how much more
will they anticipate your visit? How much deeper will the excitement of
spending quality time together grow?

Gifts are a reminder of love; small and thoughtful are better than quick and expensive. Sending love tickets from afar, is the most genuine and real way to say “I love you” and “I can’t wait to spend precious time with you!”

In case you were wondering, there are books available for him, for her, or for a friend. The books have tickets for 9 things you can do to say: ‘I do love you’.

1. Make a home-cooked meal

2. Ask for a slow dance 

3. Serve breakfast in bed

4. Make a delicious sandwich

5. Go out for an ice cream

6. Invitation to a movie date

7. Bake something from the heart

8. Massage each other

9. Give them anything they wish for!

About the Author/s:

Nhi and her team are artists from around the world who created a series of beautifully illustrated personalized gift books with love tickets for him, her, or a friend. Each ticket can be redeemed for a range of activities, like a home-cooked meal or watching the sunset. It allows you to express love in a simple, unique and unfiltered way. Encouraging you to present a truly thoughtful gift by putting in the work and effort, required for successful relationships. 

The project has been
on the go for three years, and earlier this year, the tickets and digital books
were made available online for free. Hard copies of the books are currently
also available for sale. In order to raise funding to distribute the books and
produce styles that will appeal to a wider audience, Story No. 9 is launching a
Kickstarter on 11 November 2019.

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