In a recent message, Pastor Chris Hodges made this statement: “God does not have a speaking problem, we have a listening problem.” Think about that. How many times do we wait to hear from God when He has already spoken? Are we really listening for what God is saying, or are we waiting to hear what we want to hear?  

When I pray for a friend that has cancer, the answer I want to hear is that a miracle has taken place and the cancer is gone! I have seen that prayer answered many times. Yet, there have also been times when God seemed silent. There was no miracle and my friend died. In those times, questions can flood my mind: Why did you heal one and not the other, God? Did that person do something really bad and that’s why they did not get healed? Did I not pray long enough or loud enough? Are you there God? Are you speaking, God? The questions can go on and on.  

When prayers seem to go up and no answer seems to come down, I have to get back to what I really believe about God:  

  • I believe He loves me and there is nothing I can do to make Him love me more or less. The same is true of the friend I prayed for.  

  • I believe God sees our lives from a totally different perspective than we do. His is view eternal, while ours is temporal.  

  • I believe God can heal and I believe God does heal and even when He does not, I still believe and He is still God.

  • God answers every prayer. Just because He answers it in a different way does not mean that He did not answer.

  • I need to listen to Him no matter what the answer.

The most important answer is that whatever happens, whatever the answer is, He is  there for us always and forever. He is there in our greatest joy and our deepest pain. I never want to miss Him, so I listen with faith no matter how He answers.

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