Are You Training Men NOT To Help You?

Last year I was on a plane to California.

I was struggling trying to lift my bag into the overhead compartment.

A man standing behind me said, “Can I help you with that?”

I looked at him, smiled with relief and gladly said YES!

I was so grateful he came along because I was beginning to worry I might drop my overfilled suitcase on the head of the lady sitting right below the overhead bin.

This kind man took my suitcase and lifted it up as if it was light as a feather.

I thanked him and told him how much I appreciated his help.

(I’m sure that lady was grateful to him as well because she’d been looking at me with fear in her eyes and her hands over her head before this man had stepped up)

At this point in the story, magic happened as it always does when you thank and appreciate a man.

His whole body puffed up with pride and joy and I…

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