You want to know how to get a boyfriend. It’s a good question!

In this article, there are 3 traits to avoid so that you can find a boyfriend quickly, as well as what you should do to know how to find a good guy.

When you want to find a boyfriend, it helps to know what traits to avoid (or what not to do), so that you can present yourself as a high value woman in the dating pool.

Firstly, good on you for acknowledging your desire for a boyfriend, first and foremost.


Even if it’s a secret desire that you keep to yourself, it’s SO important. 

A lot of women remain in denial about their desire.

They avoid their deep desire to pair bond with a guy, so that they can look strong, independent or to keep their image of being in control.

There’s no need for that.

It’s great to be independent of course. But the more important thing is to have the capacity for independence,…

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