The definition of marketing is centered about three core elements:

  • The Right Audience
  • The Right Message
  • The Right Time

In my experience, since the introduction of email marketing and email marketing automation, the email medium itself has been at risk of losing integrity with the customer.  This is because email marketing often has a tendency to lack one, two or all three of these core marketing elements.

Due to the low-cost investment of the email medium and the ability for the medium to reach the masses without variable costs affecting the bottom line, many companies throw the rules of marketing out the window and pursue a batch and blast method of targeting.  At first glance, this may seem like a good strategy.  Let’s cast the net as far and wide as we can, then reel in whatever gets caught in the path. This method can work, for a short period of time.  The company will continue to purchase new lead lists to change up the waters being harvested, cast the net out again, and reel those fish back in.

Until, they realize, those fish are not yellowfin tuna, they are catfish.  Catfish do not make it to the sashimi menu. Soon, your sales reps turn back your “Marketing Qualified Leads” because they stink.

However, the problem now is that your IP reputation has been tarnished and that hook being cast out to your yellowfin tuna is rusted.

So, how do we get from the topic of deliverability, to fishing, and back to deliverability?

It’s time to set the marketing treble hook.

If you are unfamiliar, a treble hook is a fish hook where three hooks share a single shank, each point separated by 120 degrees.

If you’re looking to enhance the deliverability of your email marketing medium, we have to reintroduce the core marketing elements by targeting (1) The Right Audience with (2) The Right Message at (3) The Right Time.  Once we redeploy the crux of a good marketing strategy to the medium, deliverability will reflect our more conservative efforts.

The secret to deliverability is simple.  Every message that hits an inbox results in a positive or negative signal to the ISP. There is NO NEUTRALITY.  This means that every single outbound email received by the ISP and placed into the inbox will be scored.

  • Not targeting the right audience and the consumer marks your message as “Report Spam”?  Deliverability Score -1
  • Not sending the right message, or subject line, and the consumer deletes the message without reading it? Deliverability Score -1
  • Not sending the message at the right time and the consumer leaves it unread in the inbox, soon to be buried by other incoming emails?  Deliverability Score -1

As you can see, it’s easy to damage a blank slate of an IP with the ISP.  Now, let’s set your treble hook.

  • A consumer signs up for your webinar and the thank you page instructs the consumer to look for an email confirmation.  The consumer cannot find it, but realizes it is buried in the Spam folder and marks the communication as “Not Spam”?  Deliverability Score +1
  • The consumer attends a trade show on Wednesday and is expecting a follow up on more information regarding your product portfolio for the Life Sciences industry.  A follow up email is sent on Thursday and the consumer opens the email when she gets back in the office on Friday morning.  Deliverability Score +1
  • The consumer indicates that they are interested in hearing more about our new product offering and requests to be contacted by a salesperson.  We send a follow up email to the consumer, auto-signed from the salesperson in their territory, with clear instructions on next steps.  The consumer opens the introduction email and clicks on the supplemental product documentation. Deliverability Score +1

In contrast to the previous examples of negative consumer interactions with our communications, these scenarios are clear examples of sending an email to (1) The Right Audience with (2) The Right Message at (3) The Right Time.

Again, it’s simple.  Apply the core elements of marketing to your email medium and your deliverability will never be an issue. Need help? Contact Us. Happy Marketing!

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