Beware of these Date Breakers that send good men running!

Ever you been on a date where it feels like the conversation’s really flowing and the two of you are laughing and having fun?

Then out of nowhere, the man you’re with abruptly ends the date.

This hurts your feelings because as women whether we like someone or not, we want to feel loved by everyone.

And it doesn’t feel very loving when a man does this to you.

His behavior can send you into a downward spiral that has you questioning what you did wrong.

It’s not that you did anything wrong.

It’s that you may have NOT known the 3 biggest dating behaviors that are notorious for turning men off.

In today’s blog, I want to share these 3 Date Breakers with you.

Date Breaker #1 . . . Are you asking too many personal questions on a 1st date!

Want to send a man quickly running on a 1st date?

Ask him tons of personal questions about how he conducts his life.

Here’s what some of these questions might look like . . . “What time did you get up today?”  “What did you do last night?” or “Where are you going from here?”

These are huge turn-offs for emotionally healthy men.

Why? Because men love the freedom to do as they please.

When he feels like you’re keeping tabs on his activities especially when you’ve just met, he’s start’s thinking you’re going to try and control his life in some way.

This feels really scary to him so he runs!

Give a man his freedom and his space to do as he pleases.

When he’s ready, he’ll fill you in on his daily activities.

Date Breaker #2 . . . Are you making his life part of your life too quickly? 

Men feel suffocated by women who want to spend every waking hour of the day with them especially when it’s right after they’ve met.

What’s this look like?

When you’re making plans for the two of you to go out again before he’s even asked you for a second date, you’re coming across as clingy and emotionally needy.

He’s thinking maybe you don’t have a life of your own and that’s why you want to turn his life into yours.

This sends a huge red flag up the pole and can send a man running.

Let me fill you in on something men have told me over and over again about the over 50’s women they want to date.

They love your confidence and independence.

And they love when you are passionate about the life you’ve created.

Its a huge attraction factor to a man!

Date Breaker #3 . . . Are you the first one to say  the “L” Word 

Ever experience a time where your heart quickly opened and in your excitement, you ended up saying the “L” word before he did?

Its happened to me and I quickly learned that men like to be the first one to say those words to you.

If you say the “L” word before he’s ready, he could run.

I know there are times you feel so much love for a man you want to share it with him.

Slow down and make sure he’s the one to share this magic moment with you first.

After hearing these 3 Dating Breakers, can you look back and see if you might have turned off a man without realizing it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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