By now you’ve had time to check out the first 5 classic games to play in a long distance relationship (here is the link to that post you missed it). This week, here are 5 more to challenge you and your significant other to new heights of gameplay!

Classic games to play in a long distance relationship poker


How the game works

I won’t go into all the rules of this card game (or explain what the starting hand, the flop, the turn, and the river are.) If you already know how to play poker you already know all of this. And if you don’t, and you’re intrigued to learn, you’ll pick it up along the way. 

Suffice to say poker is a classic (and deservedly famous) card game. Learn how to play poker now and you’re bound to run into other, fellow, poker players later in life. 

 What’s great about this game?

Poker is another one of those games that’s easy enough to learn to play, but complicated enough that you can still be…

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