codependency definition

Here’s my codependency definition. It’s an addictive relationship where a person enables another’s immaturity, alcoholism or other self-destructive behavior. This could be with a child, sibling or partner/spouse.

Because the codependent feels overly responsible for the other’s welfare, she over-gives.  So that leaves the other without real consequences for their destructive behavior.

Does this ring true about any of your relationships? Our client example focuses on a marriage but codependency applies to all intimate relationships.

Codependency Definition: A Client Example

Kelly, one of our coaching clients, struggled with codependency.  She was a lovely 60-something woman, highly spiritual, whose laugh was delightful.  However, she was in a 10 year marriage to Jeff. A very unsatisfying and stressful marriage.  Kelly saw Jeff as self-absorbed and selfish. On top of…

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