Some thoughts have been traveling around through my brain for a few weeks now. I am not sure what initially triggered these thoughts, but here are some of them.

Why would a respected pastor bash others whose calling is to share the love and truth about Jesus?

During my seminary days, one of the teachers/pastors that I respected and learned from was John McArthur. I probably had him on a pedestal of sorts at that time in my life. Now it seems he has put himself on a pedestal and is the self-appointed critic of other pastors and teachers that do not meet his standards. 

In a video that has gone viral, John is on stage and is playing some type of word association game. The host says the name “Beth Moore” and John answers, “Go home.” The host says the name “Steven Furtick” and John says “unqualified.” Why? As a Christian leader, why would John McArthur bash other Christian leaders? What purpose does that serve other than to further a negative world view of Christianity?

When the rock musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” debuted in 1971, there were many critics, from those saying it was disrespectful to those saying it was not theologically sound. At the height of the musical’s popularity Reverend Billy Graham said, “We cannot escape Jesus. Young people everywhere are talking about Jesus.” In essence he was saying that anything that gets people thinking and talking about Jesus is a good thing. Beth Moore gets people to think and talk about Jesus. Steven Furtick gets people to think and talk about Jesus. Instead of bashing each other, we need to support and encourage each other and point people to Jesus! We need to come together.

Why is a nation that once was “indivisible” now so divided?

Those of us who remember the days after 9/11 recall that it was a time of great unity. We set aside our differences for the good of our nation. For that brief period of time we were not Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. People of every color and walk of life stood together. Churches were filled each week. Prayer for our nation was a common topic. We truly came together.  

Today we have so many things dividing us that I could not begin to list them all. Why?  Are we so caught up in our own thoughts and feelings that we don’t take the time to listen to others? Do we discard the opinions of others because we think they have no value? My point is this: Looking back through history, can you find one instance where division won over unity?

Jeff Wood is one of my good friends and a very talented musician. This video of his song “Come Together” has a powerful message. As you watch and listen, think about what could happen if we quit fighting each other and truly came together. What if each of us prayed every day for that to happen? What if?

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