Read on to learn why connection is key for keeping your family secure through Covid-19

family keeping connected during covid

Covid-19 has left most of us parents feel emotionally taxed, mentally exhausted and depleted of physical energy, all for obvious reasons. 

With children out of school for the summer break, we may feel relieved that “homeschooling” is no longer the word of the day, now, however, we face a greater challenge: How to occupy our children’s time with so many social distancing restrictions around us.

Hurdle number one? We’re guessing its screens.

Yes, kids LOVE video games and screens of all kinds and each family will decide how much screen time is acceptable in their household. Also, we know that older children prefer to play with their friends and peers, online and offline.

Co-authors Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D., and Gabor Mate, M.D., cite the Pediatrics journal ( 2011) in…

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