It is funny how God uses some of the simple everyday things in life to teach me incredible lessons. He amazes me over and over. A few years ago, Nancy and I were watching TV on a fall Saturday afternoon. There were some great football games on and I was flipping back and forth keeping up with all of them. I think of myself as a “remote control genius.” As often happens though, I took a bathroom break. When I returned, I could not believe what I found.  Not only did Nancy have the remote in her hand, but she was actually punching buttons. I thought, “What is she doing?” I just knew she had my channel sequence out of whack. How could she do this? Did she not know that I was in control of the remote today?

There it was right in my face. CONTROL. If I was honest with myself, it was not just the remote that I wanted control of. I wanted control of my life and my marriage. Did she not know that I was the one who knew how to use the remote best? Didn’t she know that she would probably mess it up? Didn’t she know that I was the one who best knew how to live my life? Didn’t she know that I was the one who best knew how to run our marriage? I just knew that I needed to be in control!

When I took time to honestly look inside myself, the problem with my thinking was pretty simple. It’s  not my job to be in control. Not today or tomorrow. My job is to give the control over to God. Think about it. Who better to run my life and my marriage? I am the the one who messes things up when I venture out on my own. God does not. He has the perfect plan for me and my marriage and He needs to always have the “remote control” of my life. Every day I need to lay my desire to control things at His feet and I need to leave it there. When I do that, everything is better!

What about you? Do you struggle with control? How is it affecting your marriage? Are you ready to give control over to God? What step do you need to take today?

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