Some of you are probably thinking, “Does this guy think about marriage all the time?” Well, no, not all the time – but a lot! I believe God gave us marriage to make our lives better. It is the most important relationship in this life next to our relationship with Him. During this time, when we don’t know what each day will bring in a way we’ve never experienced, I think it is an amazing time for each of us to grow our marriages. 

As a counselor, I usually see couples react to times of crisis in one of two ways. They either pull together and become a stronger team or they drift apart. Most of us are going to have more time together as a couple than is usual for us. During that time together, some of our go-to time fillers are no longer available. No live sports on TV. Limited access to restaurants. No live concerts. For many, no church services. We can go outside but can’t…

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