dating during covid 19

There’s been a lot of bad news about not dating during Covid-19. There are risks to be sure. And at this writing 170,000 people have died from the pandemic. So you have to be careful if you do proceed. The good news is that guys are reaching out more because there is a desire for connection.  Because they are working alone at home, cancelling all travel and other social plans.  They feel very lonely and isolated.  They know now more than ever that they need companionship and love.  So, crisis equals opportunity!

Jeanette Starts Dating During Covid-19

And that opportunity happened to Jeanette. Jeannette, a single 46-year-old paralegal, found herself working at home for her law firm.  She felt lonely and alone in her small one-bedroom apartment, even though it overlooked a lovely nearby park.  Spurred on by only having a few cardinals for company, Jeannette got busy.  She…

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