Did You Know How to Tell if Someone is Married Online?

Ladies, don’t you have enough to worry about without wondering whether the guy you are chatting with online is married? The online dating scene can be exciting and adventurous but there is always the risk of meeting someone is not as forthcoming and honest as you are. The anonymity of the internet makes it easy for cheating men to go trolling for dates online while hiding their marital status.

There are some handy hints you can use to help identify these cheating guys so you can avoid wasting your time and energy on them. Life is for living, not getting your heart broken by a cheating loser only out for a good time! Check out some of these identifying cheater hints:

1.  The profile photo – Either these cheaters will use someone else’s or they will post their own using a dark or unfocused one so you cannot catch all the features. Some men will bypass the photo profile and email it straight to a potential date to avoid plastering their face out on the internet. Wonder: Who are they hiding from?

2.  Irregular schedules – Most men are creatures of habit, so if they are single, they will email you back at the same time and/or same day. Beware of those men who email you at odd hours of the day and night. Sure, they could travel but just, they could email you between conference calls or diaper changes at home.

3.  Hesitation about giving phone numbers – If a potential date asks you for your phone number but does not respond in kind with his own, hesitate giving out that information. This is a red flag for someone who is committed and does not want his phone to ring at an awkward moment. This does not mean they are married, however. You can give your cell number and if he then gives you his number after your first phone conversation, things could be ok.

If a man has no qualms about giving you his number, it could be a cell phone and that is ok. However, look for patterns in his calling. Are the calls always are certain times of day? Does he have to get off a call or call at odd hours? Where is this guy calling you from? He could juggle his schedule around family to call you. Just beware and proceed with caution, if your caller id never captures his phone number.

4.  Lack of personal information – At some point, man and woman share life stories such as childhood experiences, where each other works and favorite places to go. If your potential guy shares none of this, be cautious. They do not want you to have enough information to track him down! Some men will use aliases when doing the online dating scene.

Ladies, use common sense when identifying those men who are married and trolling the websites for dates. It could save you more heartache. Women’s intuition counts for quite a bit so pay attention if you have a funny feeling a potential guy is not quite who he appears to be.

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How to Tell if Someone is Married Online

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