If You Never Initiate, You Will Lose The High Value Men

Should a woman chase a man she likes?

How to pursue a man without looking desperate?

These are the questions I’ll answer in this article.

I often see women in our Facebook group suggesting to “never initiate” when dating men. Clearly, women are confusing “chasing” with initiating.

Do NOT chase. Initiate instead!

Do NOT chase him. That’s the first and simplest answer I can give you.

However, don’t confuse chasing with initiating, because they are different things.

If you’re going to latch on to a principle for dating, that’s fine, but let’s get our definitions straight first. Initiating is clearly getting confused with chasing.

Initiate = cause a process or action to begin

Chase = pursue in order to catch or catch up with

I know that a lot of women fear that they won’t be feminine enough if they show any interest to…

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