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Source: Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

The perfect time to have a baby doesn’t exist in the real world and the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t made it any easier to time pregnancy. Deciding if or when to have a child, getting pregnant, and becoming a parent is complicated – and far more so if you are single.

In the 1960s and earlier decades before the feminist movement made strong inroads, women went to college to find a husband. If you weren’t married by age 25, you were considered a spinster, an old maid. Few women were thinking of careers – of becoming dentists, scientists or CEOs – and being able to support themselves and children financially. Culturally, even fewer still accepted the idea of a family with two dads, two moms or single parents.

That’s changed. Dramatically. Nearly one-quarter of kids in the U.S. live with a single parent – the highest rate in the…

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