Don’t be afraid to offend men! Unless of course, you’re deliberately being critical or mean.

There’s a little blind spot for feminine women in dating, and that’s the act of projecting.

Projecting as in…we are sensitive souls. We thrive and grow through praise.

So we assume that if someone bantered to us with a seemingly negative comment (that is actually just playfulness), then they must hate us and that they are a horrible person.

don't be afraid to offend men

Remember, Men Aren’t As Easily Offended As You Are!

Men who have had healthy masculine role models and influences simply aren’t that easily offended, if at all!

The masculine thrives on challenge! Whereas the feminine thrives on praise.

This feminine bias in mindset means that we assume that even playful banter can mean horrible things, which is not true.

(If you’re grown up with lots of brothers, you are…

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