Couple Saying Goodbye Before Car Travel Holding Hands Through The Window

This is indeed a very peculiar and difficult time for all of humanity.

We all feel extremely vulnerable because of a tiny virus sweeping the globe that threatens our health, leading to inaptness at practicing emotional regulation and adverse effects on our financial wellbeing.

During times of crisis caused by external events, which we have no control over, such as now, it can be easy to react by projecting out our fears and vulnerability on those close to us.

Handling emotions, staying together in difficult times, overcoming emotional anxiety, and not falling prey to any personality disorder has all become too taxing.

For example, by becoming disproportionately angry over silly things, known in more common terms as “dumping” – or by just closing ourselves off.

While this second way of handling – or rather not handling – difficult emotions may seem the better way, in…

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