Young Marriage Couple Distressing Seat Back To Back Face At Home During COVID Pandemic

We all learned in high school physics the difference between centripetal forces and centrifugal forces. It might be useful to consider these two forces when considering the impact of the Coronavirus on modern-day couples.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the creation of new relationship challenges causing many couples to struggle for maintaining their relationship.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a centrifugal force tends to urge a thing outward away from a center of rotation. In contrast, a centripetal force is directed inward toward the center of rotation.

It is my view that couples will respond to the crisis in one of two ways: either by coming together i.e., acting as a centripetal force or coming apart i.e., acting as a centrifugal force!

The new relationship challenges

In these tough times, you could be wondering, how to go about keeping love alive in a…

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