Woman And Man Hand-holding In The Grassy Field

Are you a bamboo, or oak tree, in your love and relationships?

An interesting question, isn’t it?

So, for yourself, what matters most in a relationship? Honesty in a relationship or flexibility in your relationships?

Are you a bamboo tree, swaying in the wind’s, or are you an oak tree, firmly planted in your beliefs, actions, and mindset regarding love and relationships?

For the past 30 years, number one best-selling author, counselor, Master Life Coach, and Minister David Essel has been helping people first to evaluate where they are in life, and then second, to make changes necessary to improve their everyday existence.

Below, David talks about the difference between the importance of honesty in a relationship and the benefits of flexibility in relationships.

“Over 20 years ago, when we created our top-selling course, “codependency kills, “I gave the very first…

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