Future Plans With Your Girlfriend

It isn’t only men who can suffer from commitment phobia. Women also experience difficulty dealing with a long term monogamous relationship. This difficulty can stem from a variety of different emotional issues, but the result is that once you think of a real commitment, she turns tail and runs far.

If you can’t fix her emotional issues, and you can’t, how to do you recognize the woman who won’t commit?

Women today don’t feel the stigma that once was prevalent when they remain single. Sometimes this will reduce their willingness to make a commitment to one man when they feel as though there are so many options available. Women who are still “shopping” will go on multiple dates, be engaging and fun to be with, but the minute you suggest that you guys enter a committed and monogamous relationship she bugs out.

1. She is entertaining, solicitous and charming. In fact, she is excellent at making you feel at ease and making it easy to fall head over heels for her. She has many great attributes, but one of them is not committing to just one man.

2. She may travel for a living. She enjoys going from place to place and doesn’t have difficulty fitting in to new situations. While this is wonderful for her job and relocation, it doesn’t bode well if you want to settle down.

3. She enjoys making last minute plans but has more difficulty making a date for a week or two ahead. It might feel good to you if you like last minute plans too, but when you try to pin her down for a date several weeks away, you’ll find she has an excuse or reason to not set that date.

4. She has a history of short-term relationships and has a reason that each one of them ended. They may not have met her standards, lived in the right area or wanted the same things as she does. None of the reasons involves more of the “bigger” reasons.

5. Your girlfriend may seem indecisive. She wants a relationship but also wants more space and freedom. Your girlfriend doesn’t want a long distance relationship but doesn’t want to see you as much as you want to see her. She wants the relationship without the commitment or responsibility to another person.

6. She doesn’t enjoy a full relationship but would prefer an affair of sorts. If you threaten to leave, she’ll apologize and promise to change. She might not want the full relationship, but doesn’t want to be alone either.

7. She doesn’t let you in to her life. You haven’t seen her apartment, met her friends or family and only do things alone. She shares just enough to entice you but not enough you feel you have connected.

Each of these characteristics don’t mean too much when they stand on their own, but taken together it is time you listen to your gut. If you think you might date a commitment phobe, it’s time to test the waters. Don’t just bail on her because of what you THINK but if you are ready for a more committed relationship, then let her know. If she waffles for weeks, makes promises she doesn’t keep or just bolts, it’s better you find out sooner rather than later!

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