By Allan J Katz

Professional Counselor

Beautiful Couple In Love Being Passionate In Bed

Expressing intimacy can be quite intimidating for couples in a relationship because being intimate entails being vulnerable and courageous, while dealing with the risk of being rejected.

Without honest and open communication, there can’t be healthy intimacy between the partners.

What is intimacy?

Healthy Intimacy in relationships comprise of:

  • Revealing your true self to your partner
  • Communicating openly and honestly
  • Having a genuine curiosity to explore more about each other
  • Treating your partner as a separate individual and not as your property
  • Agreeing to disagreeing with your partner when there is difference of opinion
  • Not allowing any past hurt or disappointment to sour the relationship
  • Taking ownership for your thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours

What can block healthy intimacy?

A scarred…

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