Hi Renee,

I have a question about men.

I think I accept the fact that men tend to notice other attractive women out there. Now I don’t like this fact but that’s just their biology. 

How do I be okay with that?

My boyfriend has mentioned it once or twice that he finds this woman at his workplace very attractive and when I prodded him further, he agreed that she was more attractive than I was. 

Hearing him say that was hurtful. He does maintain that he does not like her and he wants me and not her because there are other qualities that he likes about me that she doesn’t have. 

How am I supposed to feel about this? He might like other things about me, but when it comes to looks, he’s declared her the winner.

I tried to get him to see how it was disrespectful to me and he just said he was being honest.

I tried to let him know that what he said…

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