Here’s an idea worth considering about finding love after 50!

Last night I started working on a 1,000-piece puzzle with a gorgeous view of an Italian coastal community. (Stay with me, this does have to do with finding love after 50)

I chose it for two reasons. Being a Scorpio, I love anything that has to do with water.

If you’ve ever spoken to me on the phone about your dating life, you may have heard my little water fountain trickling away in the background.

The second reason is that going to the coast of Italy is on my bucket list. (By the way, creating a bucket list, whether you are single or in a relationship, makes life far more fun and gives you something to always look forward to.)

Ok… back to the puzzle and what this has to do with finding love after 50.

I was so excited to get this thing started.

I grabbed my favorite cup of green tea and began looking for the…

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