Article updated 2018

I know that you have a busy day. Just give me 60 seconds and let’s to this quick little exercise. Think about a time where you felt incredibly beautiful. and feminine.

Even if you don’t feel beautiful now, you are courageous enough to feel what it was like to feel feminine and beautiful in the past.

So, just focus on a time where you just felt beautiful and feminine. I don’t mean attractive, I mean, beautiful and feminine. Attractive is too objective a description for what I’m talking about here.

How did you breathe when you went to that time when you felt beautiful and feminine? How did you feel, in your body? How did your skin feel?

In my bias, I feel that when we feel beautiful and feminine, we generally feel a softness in our body. A feeling that our bodily energy is circulating freely, and in a lively way, all through our body, giving us beautiful…

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