How to Deal with Dating and Hot Flashes

OMG . . . I remember having huge hot flashes when I was dating in my 50’s.

It was so embarrassing when I’d have to grab a menu or anything on the table that could serve as a fan to cool myself down.

Men would ask if I was ok and I’d have to tell them I was having a hot flash.

Not that they’d never dealt with this before but I just didn’t like that I was sweating profusely and feeling like a wet noodle when I was meeting a man for a first date.

Fast forward to today where recently, I did a podcast with a lovely Aussie named Jennifer Harrington.

She’s the Clinical Director of Menopause Natural Solutions and we started talking about menopause and dating.

I told her my embarrassing stories and she had a ton of suggestions I wish I’d had in my 50’s.

That’s when I thought about you or the friends you know who might be dealing…

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