How To Make Him Chase You & Value You: High Value Women Secrets


Most women try to get a man to chase them using low value methods.

The reason for this is usually because they are scared. It could also be because they listened to someone who told them to do the wrong kinds of things.

Perhaps they lack understanding about attraction, connection and relationships.

Almost every man and woman wants to win in the game of love.

Given the choice, most of us rather be chased than do the chasing. We’d rather be pursued than be the pursuer. (Afterall, there’s less risk that way.)

Ironically, while women often think it’s a man’s job to “chase”, little do they realise that plenty of men out there are lapping up dating advice on ‘how to make her chase you’.

No, these are not just “beta”, “feminine” or “weaker” men. They are men.

Men (not so dissimilar to you) who like to feel that they have a bit of control, and that they are the…

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