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As more people are putting their relational lives on hold to build a successful career, they are finding it more difficult to build a long-term committed relationship. More couples are turning to online dating to increase their chances of meeting someone they love and sometimes those relationships are long distance. The strains and challenges of a long distance relationship can be intense. Just one way to make that relationship work is to look for ways of connecting.

There are many ways of connecting while you’re communicating across the miles. Pick from the ones listed here or use this list to brainstorm some of your own. But, whatever you do, choose something and connect. Without bonding and connecting with your long distance partner, you may find that the relationship crashes and burns long before you both start talking about long-term plans.

One fun way to connect with your partner is to give each other something that you value and have had for several years. When you gift something personal it lets the other person know that you trust them, value them and think of them more than you think of your things. You trust them with something of value.

How does it make you feel when someone expresses their trust in you? It will make your partner feel the same way and feel connected to you.

Communication is a very large part of connecting with your partner. Poor communication is one of the biggest reasons that relationships – from dating to marriage – break up. If you don’t understand what your partner is saying or feeling and they don’t understand you, neither of you makes this relationship work.

Pet names are another way of connecting with your special someone. This doesn’t mean the standard ‘baby’, ‘sweetie’ or ‘love.’ Rather these are names that are special JUST to your relationship and mean something only to the two of you.

Although digital communication is fast and many times low cost or free, snail mail is still one of the more romantic gestures you can make. When you take the time to choose a card, write a beautiful heart felt sentiment about your relationship and take the time to post it in the mail, it speaks volumes to your partner. It is a precious remembrance they will keep.

Stay up-to-date with each other’s friends and families. When live outside your own little world, it makes the relationship more stable. We are all meant to live in relationship with others, but not just one. You have friends and family your partner will be interested in hearing about. Your partner has the same. Stay connected through your external relationships and it will also help to reduce jealousy and mistrust.

Digital communication makes it easy to video chat, text, call and email. You can even message on Facebook or send a personal coded Tweet. But, whatever you do, don’t stifle your partner with communication all day long. It’s a line you walk between enough and too much contact.

When you talk on the phone, talk to each other as if you see each other every day. It’s easy to slip into a style of communication in which it guards you and share only little bits and pieces. Don’t fall into that trap because your partner will catch it.

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