how to overcome loneliness
Can we really learn how to overcome loneliness once and for all?

Each month 135,000 people search the term ‘loneliness’ on Google.  Many of them are looking for how connect and overcome their isolation.  Loneliness is even harder to deal with if you have experienced what I call a Nobody’s Girl upbringing.  There may be many different problematic scenarios in your childhood that could have led you to feel like a Nobody’s Girl.  I myself had several of them in my background. I was an emotionally abandoned, unwanted child. Yet, I overcame those childhood wounds and married my best friend and soul mate. You can too.

In this third blog on how to overcome loneliness we are going to delve deeply into how to end the heartache of the Nobody’s Girl syndrome! We will look at how you can change your basic model of relating intimately by having a corrective and healing…

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