How to Rebuild Your Confidence so you can find love after 50

When you look in the mirror, do you see your magnificence, or does every flaw pop out and drive you crazy?

Maybe you’ve gained a few pounds over the years or gravity and wrinkles have taken their toll leaving you with the feeling you’re not good enough to be a player in the dating game.

You even start believing thoughts like no good man would want you this way which can send you spiraling down a rabbit hole.

Rabbit Holes block your dreams and keep you from finding the right man to share your heart and life with.

So how do you overcome this Debbie Downer Mindset so you can start attracting good men?

Well, it starts by making a list of 10-20 Qualities YOU love about yourself because guess what men are most attracted to in women?

The Glow Inside of you that lights you up!  

To fire up that Inner Glow, play some of…

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