Beautiful Smiling Young Couple Looking At Each Other In Love

Love and peace in a relationship in the times of Corona may sound like a tall order!

When a crisis challenges marriage and families, even the most peaceful relationships hit choppy waters, as love in relationships takes a beat, it becomes a challenge to keep a marriage together and restore peace in the marriage.

Think about what you had to do to overcome crisis such as other health issues, deaths, or financial downturns. Then think about what you have learned and apply the wisdom as the lockdown guide to manage Covid-19 anxiety.

If you can’t remember, start a list or diary of your family and marriage successful coping

tools—and what you need to change to enhance love and peace in a relationship.

Here are some tested tips that families have used to strengthen their bonds and coping mechanisms.

1. If no one is ill, eat at least one meal together

You can rotate that meal…

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