What is gaslighting in relationships? 

Gaslighting is a form of toxic abuse that is based on control and power trips.

The gaslighter attempts to exert their control and power over you, in order to undermine your sense of certainty and to distort your perception of reality.

The term ‘gaslighting’ originated from a play called gas light (1938), and two subsequent film adaptations (1940 and 1944) titled ‘gaslight’.

The story of this film centres around a woman whose husband successfully manipulates her into thinking that she’s going insane, in order to distract her from his criminal activities.

Gaslighting is basically a low value way for people to get their needs met inside of a relationship. It can occur inside of almost any relationship, including parental relationships, romantic relationships, or business relationships.

Gaslighting is often an effective tool that is…

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