A Man Giving Medicine To A Woman On The Hospital Bed

How to Support Your Spouse During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

For most men, while this is going to sound very stereotypical, it can be 100% accurate, it’s going to come down to support your spouse and quit giving advice.

The same problem we’ve had since the beginning of time, men sharing too much advice, having to be Mr. Fix it, Mr. know it all, Mr. Savior… It hasn’t worked, and it surely doesn’t work for times like this.

And for women, again another stereotypical response – we are going to do less sharing with our friends, less sharing about the news, less sharing about how many people are infected and how many people have died and who’s at fault and who’s not at fault.

I think you get the picture. All this turns into gossip.

Half facts. Partial truth. None of us really know what’s going on in the world, do you understand that?

So we need to do the best that…

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