How can you test him to see if he cares about you?

Testing is imperative when you’re dating a man, and here’s why.

Because it is during the beginning stages or the dating stages that men and women have to pass each other’s tests.

In fact, in the early stages, everything is a test of our value! Man or woman.

This is because a potential mate or partner has to prove to be worthy of your time, effort and energy.

In the beginning, you haven’t overcome enough obstacles together yet, and you haven’t fully proven your value to each other yet. 

It is natural to suss each other out and tp prove your value to each other.

Without tests, you would never know if the other person is worth your investment or not.

In fact, most women don’t test enough!

This may seem like I’m saying that dating is a game.

Well, it is. It’s actually the love game. 

And the love game is nature’s only game,…

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