To ensure his team was aware of the marketing tools available to them, John Pavlick, VP Eloqua Platform Manager for BlackRock, took an interesting approach. He streamlined the marketing operations team to better integrate them into the organization and built a strong foundation for marketing processes. Find out more about his journey in this episode!

Tune in and Get Inspired to:

  • Add new hires without skipping a beat
  • Leverage new capabilities
  • Do “Demos not Decks”
  • Identify themes across your organization
  • Introduce incentives

Key Takeaways:

 [1:10] Who is John and what does he do for BlackRock?
 [2:50] John shares how he seamlessly onboards new marketers into the team.
 [5:55] How is the division of labor structured with such a large marketing team?
 [9:10] How did John begin to build a good ops team as BlackRock scaled from 3 people to 20?
 [11:05] John shares the types of…

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