What is lead scoring, and why is it important to a company’s success? That’s a great question – one that Kris Gormley of Cognex had to answer for her team. As the Senior Marketing Automation Program Manager, her efforts to implement lead scoring to improve sales efficiency led to a nearly complete program with signs of long-term success. Learn more about her journey!

Tune In and Get Inspired to:

  • Find someone to “own it”
  • Train your team to be self-sufficient
  • Build personas for continued development
  • Bring in a strong partner for easy success
  • Relive some March Madness excitement

Key Takeaways:

 [:40] Who is Kris, and what does she do for Cognex?
 [1:55] What roadblocks were the sales team at Cognex running into with their leads?
 [2:50] How did the project get started?
 [4:00] Kris shares the steps to get this lead scoring project underway.
 [6:30] What would Kris do…

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