Todd Linden is the eMarketing Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific. He is an experienced internet marketing specialist and has worked with Thermo for over eight years now. Todd and his team recently took on a project to combine content and agile marketing to help his teams be involved in the entire customer journey from start to finish.

Tune in and Get Inspired to:

  • Laying the groundwork for content and agile marketing as one
  • Clear core message and strategies from the beginning helps remove silos and brings everyone to the table
  • Thermo Fisher University helps everyone understand the what and the why
  • Success around diversity in what people know about marketing and TFS products



Key Takeaways:

[:40] Who is Todd and what does he do for Thermo Fisher Scientific?
[2:55] Todd recently took on a project to bring content and agile marketing together. The idea is to have teams involved in the entire customer journey from beginning to end.
[3:55] How do Todd and his team put content together with an agile marketing approach?
[5:10] What results has Todd seen so far with this new agile approach?
[5:35] Todd has noticed an uptick in consistency in their marketing message by having their teams involved in the beginning stages.
[5:50] How did Todd get started on this project?
[9:15] What would Todd do differently, knowing what he knows now?
[10:15] Todd wished he had gotten everyone together sooner to create team and leadership buy-in.
[12:20] What apps can Todd not live without?
[12:55] What inspires Todd?


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Todd Linden on LinkedIn
Thermo Fisher


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